With Allah's Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

Walk for Moral Excellence


By Saleem Muhammad

Violence on the streets of Chicago has reached its zenith alongside the homicide rate. Fortunately, local faith-based nonprofit, Ephraim Bahar Cultural Center understands the need for action to squelch the surge of violence and believes calling Chicago communities back to moral excellence is the solution.
On August, 25th The Bahar Center served up a visible dose of spiritual medicine with its annual “Walk for Moral Excellence”. This year 8th district police commander David McNaughton joined parade organizers, community organizations, neighborhood residents, and the South Shore Drill Team that brought up the walks rear with their amazing moves and uniformity, along the one mile procession from 69thStreet and Western Avenue to 71st Street and West to Marquette Park.
Chicago Police Commander, Walks for Moral Excellence
Commander McNaughton led the procession alongside Imam Sultan Salahuddin and Darryl Williams of the Ephraim Bahar Cultural Center and Imam Tariq El-Amin of Masjid Taqwa. Along the walks route organizers brandished bullhorns emitting chants demanding the local community to stop the killings and other immoral behaviors and instead return to moral excellence. Their message was well received as passersby and even home owners lined the sidewalks clapping and waving hands in support of the message of moral excellence, which was conveyed not only through organizer bullhorns and picket signs but also on the fronts and backs of bright blue t-shirts worn by participates with the soul-beckoning slogan: “Remake the world, With Moral Excellence”.
The walk rallied at Marquette Park where Darryl Williams invited community leaders to share their sentiments for the need of such an occasion. Commander McNaughton’s words went straight to the source of the solution. He exclaimed, “If we could everyday put G-d first, then we would have moral excellence. And if we had moral excellence, we would stop the killing, we’d stop the violence, we’d stop the drugs, we’d stop the hate…”
Likewise, Bahar Center Resident Imam Sultan Salahuddin directed the gathered crowd to G-d consciousness with his sentiments, “We don’t like what we see going on in our communities. It’s not a very pleasant sight. It doesn’t sound good to our ears. So we think the time is now to call all human beings back to God consciousness-you notice I said G-d consciousness. That means, ask yourself would G-d appreciate me doing what I’m doing if it’s wrong and the answer has to be absolutely not.”
Following rally speeches participants enjoyed a little fun in the park with free food, school supply giveaways, and performances by the Jessie White Tumblers. The crowds’ smiles and general demeanor of enthusiasm in the peace and serenity of the park surely foreshadowed the type of community The Bahar Center hopes to inspire.

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