Resident Imam


Omar Abdul Karim is the Executive Director of The Ephraim Bahar Cultural Center, located at 2525 West 71st Street in Chicago, Illinois. He has worked with the Bahar Center since its conception as Masjid Al Mu’minun on 8607 1/2 south Ashland Ave from 1992 to the present.

I am a supporter and student of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed and have worked throughout Imam Mohammed association under his leadership for 25 years.

I have been the Director of The Ephraim Bahar Cultural Center since 2013. Over the years, I have helped the Islamic Community under Imam Mohammed leadership in many capacities — through Masjid Al Mu’minun. I am the producer of the television program called A New Mind which helps to educate people to understand Al Islam through the language and vision of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed.

I worked as a community organizer at the Masjid and helped form our first community walk for moral excellence in 1993. I worked as assistant to the then Imam, Imam Sultan A. Salahuddin and supported him in the day to day operation of the Masjid. I was elected to the board and over time became convener of the board (board chair). I worked to help raise funds through pledge drives to help support Masjid programs. I worked in the prison ministry at the cook county jails.

I am a husband and father of six beautiful children and a mentor to young men and women.

I am a member of many community organizations such as S.W.O.P. (South West organizing project), C.I.O.G.C (council of Islamic organizations of greater Chicago) The Chicagoland Shura Council, The Midwest and National Imams Council, IMAN (inner city Muslim action network) and the Marquette community homeowner association.

I will establish programs at the Ephraim Bahar Cultural Center that will help cultivate young minds by creating programs such as Science, technology, and math that will service the community, and many other outreach programs to help those in need to stand up on their own and take charge of their G-d given life.

G-d Willing.

I believe in uplifting the moral value of human life through empowering and inspiring the human potential through Al Islam.