Discover the Things That Muslims Believe In

  • Muslims believe in one incomparable G’d whose name is Allah that has no partners or associates, and Prophet Mohammed is Allah’s messenger.
  • Muslims believe in all of Allah’s (G’d) Prophets. From Adam through the chain of Prophets to Mohammed, the Last Prophet.
  • Muslims believe in all the scriptures that the Prophets came with from G’d.
  • Muslims believe in the angels, the most notable in the Quran being Jibril (Gabriel).
  • Muslims believe in life after death or the resurrection.
  • Muslims believe in the day of judgment when everyone will be called to reckon for their deeds before G’d.
  • Muslims believe in G’d's decree.

Who Is Allah?

Allah is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. He has no gender. He is all-powerful. He knows all things. He hears and sees all things. He has no beginning or end. He does not eat, sleep, or drink.

What Is Al-Islam?

Al-Islam is the complete way of life that reflects submission to the will of G’d.

What Is a Muslim?

One who submits his will peacefully to the will of Allah {SWT}.

Who Is Prophet Mohammed?

Prophet Mohammed is Allah’s last messenger to humanity who received Allah’s last revelation through the medium of the Angel Jibril, which led to what we have today as The Holy Qur’an and the religion of Al-Islam.

What Are the Sunnah and Hadith?

The Sunnah is the life examples and practices of Prophet Muhammad and constitute the second most important source of Islamic practice. The Hadith are the sayings, deeds, decisions, and silent approvals of Prophet Muhammad. The Hadith are authentic compilations of these life traditions.


What Are the Five Pillars of Al-Islam?

  • Belief in One God (Allah), and Prophet Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah.
  • Prayer {Salat الصلاة } five times a day
  • Fasting {Siyaam الصيام } in the month of Ramadan
  • Charity {Zakat { الزكة} }
  • Pilgrimage {Hajj { الحج} } to the Sacred House, the Kabah, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia at least once

What Is Jumuah?

Jumuah جمعة literally means in Arabic “gathering” and is the most important day of all days to Muslims. Jumuah Prayer is on every Friday, just past midday.

What Is Eid?

Eid عيد in Arabic literally means “recurring happiness.” There are two celebrations every year observed by all Muslims. Eidul Fitr celebrates the completion of Ramadan, and Eidul Adha celebrates the completion of Hajj.