Learn About Our Cultural Center’s Honorable Leader

Imam Warith Deen Mohammed was the Seventh son of Elijah and Clara Mohammed. He succeeded his father as the leader of The Nation of Islam in 1975, after Elijah’s death. Where upon he swiftly ushered in the teaching of equality for all human beings. He also directed his following toward Orthodox Islam. Mohammed was recognized by religious leaders throughout the world and commanded the largest body of indigenous African American Muslims in the United States.

Imam Mohammed became the first Muslim to give the invocation in the United States Senate. He also gave the invocation during the 1993 and 1997 Inaugural Interfaith Prayer Services, during the terms of former president Bill Clinton. On March 3, 1992, he delivered an address on the floor of the Georgia State Legislature and was the guest of Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in Rome, Italy in 1996. Mohammed worked tirelessly throughout his 33 years as leader of the African American Muslim community, which became known as the Muslim American Society. He was dedicated to interfaith dialogue and compelled his following to build upon the best of community life and to take ownership in their American identity. In the last years of his life, Imam Mohammed held monthly first Sunday public address to educate the public about AL-Islam, and which was radio broadcasted nationally. This is a very brief biography on our leader Imam Warith Deen Mohammed.